Almond violet


The company

ALMONDO is a modern project building on three generations of know-how. We grow and market organic Italian almonds.
Thanks to our highly technological equipment, we are able to offer capillary control over the product, selecting only the best that nature offers while ensuring production and transformation processes customized to the needs of individual clients.
The guarantee of excellence, safety and reliability, business ethics and full respect for the environment are the basis on which we carry out our everyday working practices.
The authentic flavour of our almonds blends with our ability to select and transform. We believe that to achieve excellent results, we must always put our people at the centre: our direct almond producers who support us through their production, our collaborators, clients and consumers.
ALMONDO is a company, a family, made up of people who make the best use of technology in order to respect tradition, food safety and sustainable development. This is how we turn to the world, “AL MONDO”, in order to promote authentic Italian almonds, in the name of people’s health and wellbeing.

The italian almonds produced in Puglia

Facing the challenges

Our values

“Love, perseverance and respect for the environment. This is the right mix of values that allows us to face daily challenges in order to achieve future goals”
“We at ALMONDO imagine our company like a house under construction in which a family lives. Each member has a specific role and is interested in ensuring that the work is carried out to the best of their ability”.
Based on these values, the company is no longer seen as a simple workplace, but becomes a place where the added value is people and where everyone is committed to pursuing common goals.

Technology and quality

Food quality and safety

Our technological support provides us with continuous capillary monitoring of all stages of almond growth, from planting to entry into production, guaranteeing a product of outstanding quality.
“The purchase of almonds from partner farms is agreed based on the exact ripening point of the fruit. When the almonds arrive on our premises, further compliance checks are carried out in order to ensure that all almonds meet our strict quality and safety parameters. We analyse a sample of almonds in the laboratory for each batch that enters the company in order to verify that the qualitative and organoleptic properties remain intact during all stages of processing.”

The italian almond

Organic shelled almonds